Sankt Peter – Other Directions in Time

Monastery, Sankt Peter, Germany

Monastery, Sankt Peter, Germany

Almost less than a day in Germany. I’m having trouble finding internet, paired with the fact that the bus is leaving in 20 minutes to take us to the lake. I did end up finding an internet cafe, where I paid 1.50 euros for half an hour, but I can’t get to any of my photos to post, and I’ve heard there’s lots of internet where we’re going later in France. For now, I’m going to check out of the monastery we’re staying in and take the bus to the lake where we’re going swimming. I’ll update more later

Good morning,

Lake, St. Margen, Germany

Lake, St. Margen, Germany

15 July 2013
3:20 pm

T. —

I have no idea where we are. We’ve made a pit stop for some lunch, and the rest of the choir is at the Clock Museum. It’s not that I don’t like clocks.. it’s more that I wanted to find some internet and have a rest after swimming in the lake this morning for a few hours.

I have so much more to say, but it feels like my brain is on holiday time. We’re either going to Gunsbach or Strasbourg tonight. Wherever we’re going, we’ll be there for about three or four days. This is the benefit of group travel: even though you are surrounded by 30+ other people everywhere, there is no need for organization or facilitation if someone else has everything under control. Just get on the bus, and wake up in a small German town, pile out and sit down somewhere for lunch.

I’m about to start A Clash of Kings today. It might be my bus reading until we reach wherever it is we’re going. I could really get used to this lifestyle.

It’s funny you were thinking about time travel last night. I was thinking, This is the time I’ll be remembering in the future, the trip we took, the countries we saw, the lakes we swam in. But I also thought, When I was young and singing in school, I had absolutely no way of knowing that music would bring me here, now. It’s an amazing thing: the present, the rootedness of the current moment, and being able to use it to turn yourself into other directions in time.


Good afternoon,