28 June 2013
5:22 pm

T. —

I dont think my wordpress app is advanced enough to create new tags, so can you make one for Galway and edit this post for me? I love when you do that– it feels like you’re right next to me, watching my back, taking care of some of the things that slip though the cracks.

Last night, i didn’t want to say too much because it felt like I was just in the middle of some kind of realization about myself, the way I relate to people, the way I travel, the way I face change or newness. Anything I would have said in that moment would have been a falsity. I took a personality test a few days ago, the kind where you rank a statement’s truth as it applies to you. One of the questions; “I need time to process how I feel before I act.” My modification: I need time to process how I feel before I know, before I can talk about it, own it, experience it.

I’m writing early before the poetry reading because I’m paranoid that the internet will die, or something will prevent me from writing it later. I have to work out where I can get wifi tomorrow night. It might be a placeholder post tomorrow. But Sunday.. I am going to sit with a cup of tea and write a whole post, and unpack all of the things I have wanted to talk to you about. I cant wait. The Wild email felt really good to get out, but I want to be even less abstract.

I may write more tonight when I come home, but this is it for now. The line that caught me most fron your post this morning:

“…you are learning what you aren’t writing, and this is helping you to find out what you are writing. (9)”

Amazing. That spoke directly to me. Told me: it’s okay to wait, to take time to be silent before speaking.

Thanks for that.

Good evening,