A thing is a thing is a thing. Or is it?

21 May 2014
7:44 AM


Just saw this video of a guy who seems to deny any knowledge of what a photocopier is. It’s a short film but is based on an actual legal transcript. You can find out more here.

It made me laugh, and for some reason the repetition of the questions, how one describes the thing, how someone else perceives it–well, it made me think of poetry, somehow. It made me think of Gertrude Stein and her thoughts on naming (See “Rose is a rose is a rose is a rose.” See Naming What is Inside: Gertrude Stein’s Use of Names in Three Lives. See Poetry & Grammar). It made me think of Marcel Duchamp and his Fountain (“the assault on convention“), how he challenges people to examine their perceptions versus that of the world’s.

I am glad you are here again. There is something sacred in the ritual of letter-writing. It’s in the realm of keeping a journal, but with a different kind of intimacy. I treasure both activities. I do understand though the need to be away from this for a while, as we seek to do something similar but in our own private space. Somehow that makes coming back even more meaningful. I am repeating myself, but: I am glad you are here again.

Good morning from my side of the world.


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