Terrible Truths


16 March 2014
7:58 pm

T. —

There are some days off that don’t feel like days off at all. I could do with another day, just to curl up in quiet and read for hours. That’s my Friday this week, so I will endeavor to make it a solitary day. I will say no to community things, just for a day. I will walk on the beach, make cups of tea, and read, read, read.

Last night, I watched 2/3 of 12 Years a Slave. I couldn’t finish the last 20 minutes because it was getting too late, and I was watching by myself. I didn’t want to end the night in a state of despair. Instead, I picked up my things, put on my boots, walked up the hill and sang with the staff choir for an hour. After a whole day of wishing I could be on my own, it was amazing to be surrounded by people who cared and supported me, and could ease the tension in my chest from the terrible truths of that movie.

I’ll finish the last 20 minutes tonight, but it won’t be as horrible. I’m ready for the resolution now.

It’s too cold to explore more of the island. I don’t know if it’s just because I’m getting acclimated, or if the new week ahead is making me refreshed. But I’m ready.



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