The Space Between

13 March 2014
1:35 PM


I saw this video today by chance. Apparently a lot of people have been talking about it. Some chalk it up to a cheap ploy–a clothing company hires good-looking people and tell them to kiss each other, having met for the first time. A perfect recipe for a ‘viral’ campaign. Some, meanwhile, are moved by it–at the thought of strangers sharing this kind of intimacy, and letting others–us–be witnesses to that moment.

I am thinking of the distances we allow between ourselves and the people we know. The people we love. I am thinking of physical space, and emotional space, of how we lean into each other, and how we don’t.

I am thinking of how we meet here, knocking down barriers, pulling up a chair. I am thinking of the oceans and timezones and countries between us.

I am thinking of the things I tell people about myself, and the things I keep. How I could go on for a long time being with someone and know everything about them, while holding back something about me. How that ricochets and happens to me, too, with people I love, and how that hurts.

I am thinking how everything we don’t say is truer than everything we offer out loud, and yet how they can also be fleeting and fickle–how the mind works, I mean. I am thinking how one of the opportunities to be who we really are is at that exact moment when we are staring someone in the face and saying our name.

Ah, but what do I know. There are spaces all around us and I’ve yet to know them all.



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