Books, books, books

Saturday's book haul

Saturday’s book haul

15 February 2014
10:56 pm

T. —

I took Mom into Stockbridge today (she’s visiting for the week). She wanted to go shopping at charity shops (second-hand shops with good clothes and books for low prices), and there are a lot packed into a small distance in Stockbridge, close to where Andrew works. We walked into the first one, where she wanted to buy me some shirts. I shook my head to all of the choices, and ended up in front of the bookshelf, where I found the first three books of the day.

“Don’t you want to get some new clothes?” she asked, “I thought we were going shopping.”

“I’m actually good with my old clothes,” I said. Translation: I am shopping. This is my shopping.

I did end up getting a few thick wool sweaters to take up to Iona, a raincoat, and three new dresses. Who knew I would come home with so many clothes. But not at all surprising: to come home with nine new books.


I’ve started using Goodreads, even though I know you have a thing with it. Really, I’m just excited to be able to keep close track of what I’m reading, and when, and why, and what I felt about it, and when I couldn’t put it down or had to step away, or what it reminded me of while I was reading it. For example, I’m reading “Gender Trouble” by Judith Butler at the same time as I am reading “The Practice of the Wild” by Gary Snyder. I’m kind of loving it. Two ways of looking at, and challenging, social ‘norms’ and constructs, with two very different focuses and beliefs.

Once, someone asked me how I could read so many books at once. I said, Books are linear, and they have a beginning, a middle, and an end. Reading one book at a time from beginning to end might be what books are made for. But that’s not what I was made for.



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