Feels Like A Locked Room

7 February 2014
7:59 PM


It’s my second day at the hospital, and I’m still nowhere near used to it. I’ve spent almost a whole day here, and I could feel my throat closing up from time to time. I tried working this afternoon, but somehow that didn’t distract me from the fact that I am here. I tried sleeping it off, but we had some visitors again. More people than yesterday. Here.

I felt the space becoming smaller, inch by inch. When my aunt reminded my cousin to observe the ‘proper formalities’ and ordered him to come hug and kiss me and my sisters, I immediately refused. I couldn’t stand any human contact while I was trying to fight the thought of the ceiling coming towards me. I suppose I was rude, but I am unable to explain my situation, so I just pretended that I was groggy from sleep.

Now it’s past eight and I am antsy. I can’t wait for my father to pick us up. I hear my sister might be able to go home tomorrow, so there might not be a reason for me to come back again. Besides, I have a wedding to go to. In the meantime, Peter Pan is on the Disney Channel. It’s either this or Jack Reacher.



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