Thoroughly Modern

4 February 2014
6:55 PM


Y. is getting married on Saturday. The reception that follows is inspired by the 1920s, so we are invited to dress the part. About 92% of me is terrified (again) at going to an event. With humans in it. I think, apart from the bride and groom, I would only know about two people there, so I am sure it’s going to be a bit excruciating.

Don’t get me wrong–I can totally separate those emotions from what I am feeling for my friend, which is of course I’m happy for her, truly happy. The other day I was watching the video of when her boyfriend proposed to her, and I could tell that they are right for each other, that this was the perfect time, that there is nothing else to need at the moment but this, for the two of them. So, in as much as my instinctive reaction was to not go to the wedding, this is one of those situations that I am determined to be there for my friend, despite my crippling social anxiety.

You might be wondering about the other 8%. Well–that part of me is quite excited, because apart from seeing Y. get hitched, I love the 1920s. I mean–jazz! Art deco! (And many more.)

I’ll probably look like a goof over the weekend because I’m not at all good with fashion, but eh. The important thing is I get to witness Y. begin this new chapter in her life. (I’ll also probably ogle what people are wearing.)

I’ll leave you with one of my favourite actresses and movies ever–Julie Andrews in Thoroughly Modern Millie.



One thought on “Thoroughly Modern

  1. I hope you have an amazing time this weekend. I’m sorry I didn’t get back to your email — it’s been a pretty crazy week. Just enjoy celebrating Y, and being in the 1920s =).

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