I Am Sherlocked

Holmes & Watson

Holmes & Watson

1 February 2013
11:30 pm

T., oh T. —

We just finished “His Last Vow”, Episode 3, Season 3 of Sherlock. Oh. My. God. You’ve finished Season 3, yes? Oh. My. God.

My brain. My mind. What on earth.

In other words, I took an Enneagram test and got 5: The Investigator. I love tests that make me take a closer look at my personality more authentically. As if, when I read those results, I could almost feel myself standing back and examining my mind, my life, my patterns and habits. In a good way. In the way that I might be able to work with my strengths and tease out my weaknesses until they’re curious and interested in strengthening.  And one of the main comparisons: Sherlock Holmes. If he were taking the Enneagram test, they posited that he would be a 5. Makes sense.

Sherlock Mugs

Sherlock Mugs

This has been a long week, but oh so fulfilling. I’m just a bit fulfilled-up =).



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