23 January 2013
12:39 pm

T. —

I should never go back to sleep again when Andrew leaves for work in the morning. I had a terrible dream this morning about a violent take-over at a school I was working in or studying in. It was all conflict, and no rest. No peace. Just bloodshed.

We’re going to Dublin tomorrow morning, and I have a full afternoon planned today, but I might go ahead and leave the house early. I just can’t look at this screen anymore. I’m sorry.

I Write These Words to Delay
Jane Hirshfield

What can I do with these thoughts,
given me as a dog is given its flock?
Or perhaps it is the reverse –
my life the unruly sheep, being herded.
At night,
all lie down on the mountain grasses,
while mirror sheep, a mirror guard-dog
follow one another through rock outcrops,
across narrow streams. They drink and gaze by starlight.
This morning, waking to unaccustomed calmness,
I write these words to stay in that silent, unfevered existence,
to delay the other words that are waiting.


Good morning,


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