Now the Evening Comes

my lunch this week

my lunch this week

21 January 2013
9:10 pm

T. —

I’ve had some good lunches recently. This one was from a few days ago. Today’s lunch was a grilled cheddar and parmesan sandwich, a pickle, and a bowl of baked beans. Sounds quite ridiculous, but it was delicious.

I finished Norwegian Wood today, as well as Soul Poems. It has been quite interesting to read them side by side. I’m not sure I can articulate why, exactly, except that they both address faith, life, and death, in very unique and distinct ways.

Anyway, I’ve been taking a nice day to take care of things, and now the evening comes and I’m bundled up under the electric blanket in bed, reading more books, writing more letters, and waiting for Andrew to come home from kickboxing.

Here’s a treat too: Harry Potter in the UK.


Why I Am Not A Buddhist
Molly Peacock

I love desire, the state of want and thought
of how to get; building a kingdom in a soul
requires desire. I love the things I’ve sought-
you in your beltless bathrobe, tongues of cash that loll
from my billfold- and love what I want: clothes,
houses, redemption. Can a new mauve suit
equal God? Oh no, desire is ranked. To lose
a loved pen is not like losing faith. Acute
desire for nut gateau is driven out by death,
but the cake on its plate has meaning,
even when love is endangered and nothing matters.
For my mother, health; for my sister, bereft,
wholeness. But why is desire suffering?
Because want leaves a world in tatters?
How else but in tatters should a world be?
A columned porch set high above a lake.
Here, take my money. A loved face in agony,
the spirit gone. Here, use my rags of love.




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