20 January 2014
8:13 PM


I have been quite productive for a Monday, which is surprising. But I know when I’m beaten, so I’m turning in for the night and sending this letter.

Some things I did today:

• Went early with my sisters to Afters, a coffee shop near my father’s office. Papa had a meeting so we can’t loiter and mooch off the internet. We had to go somewhere with wifi. Finished a copywriting project for a client in less than two hours–the fastest that I’ve had to work in awhile. It was an exploration in working out of my comfort zone. I found out that I could find a rhythm listening to trip-hop music (shame that they didn’t have jazz on, it would’ve suited the place), or maybe it was the added buzz of a cup of coffee and the deadline breathing down my neck. Also bumped into an old friend on my way out–a pleasant surprise! Apparently he spotted me much earlier but I was too busy to notice. It was a bit embarrassing; I am usually observant of my surroundings.

• Had lunch with my family. Went for a Mongolian rice bowl. I used to love this back in college. It was one of my favourite things to eat–partly because the place where I hang out serves this, partly because I love the combination of sweet and spicy flavours in my mouth. This time I decided to explore with textures–I picked some crunchy vegetables (carrots, cauliflower, bean sprouts, cabbage, baby corns) and juxtaposed them with something soft (rice noodles and rice). Of course, back then I probably did this all the time–but most likely I was in a hurry to heap all the things so I can mosey over to the sauces section to mix the flavours I wanted.

• Fleshed out a business idea with my sisters. This is something I am quite excited about. Will tell you more as soon as we have agreed on more concrete things. For now I gave myself the freedom of thinking and exploring everything that is possible, instead of focusing on what cannot be done or what would fail.

I was on Pinterest all afternoon, too, because I was looking for inspiration for my office/writing room. I chanced upon the quote above, and it made me think about the experience I’ve had with the cab driver last Saturday. Something to think about, no?

I’m glad I was able to talk to you a while ago. We have these letters but it’s also lovely to see your response in real time.

Hope you have a great week ahead,


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