19 January 2014
5:40 PM


I liked this article in Zen Habits about finding your focus. I think it’s good advice: to think of the things that you have to do, then pick one and subtract.

I think I don’t do enough subtracting in my life. Here’s my to-do list for today:

  • Clean the whiskey bottles from last month’s dinners [✔]
  • Remove the labels from the bottles and paste them in my journal
  • Get a massage [✔]
  • Fold clothes [✔]
  • Set up my computer in the living room [✔]
  • Upload letters from Tagaytay
  • Find inspiration for my office
  • Send e-mails to friends
  • Gather photos for printing

So: I ended up subtracting a few things. Surprisingly I feel okay.

Off to mingle in the kitchen, and perhaps watch Sherlock again for the nth time,


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