Fill the Gaps With Poetry

Sunrise from the 9th of January

Sunrise from the 6th of January

19 January 2013
9:41 pm

T. —

Sunrise and rain from the morning I found out that news last week. It was beautiful, but I had already been awake since 5am, and crying for most of that time. It was also around the time that my letters to you slowed and crept forward haltingly, some missing, some skipped, some forgotten. I’ve been thinking about those lost letters a lot recently, and I’ve come up with the idea to fill the gaps with poetry. Somehow, that seems so suitable to my life, and to our letters. I’ll hide some beautiful poems for you back in the archives.

It’s soon to bed for me, but I had to share with you that my heart has been lifted, and my body has been wonderfully stretched. I’ve found a new yoga class. I think this is the first time in my life that yoga has been more than exercise to me. I think it’s the first time I’ve actually understood what it’s all about, and how it can buoy the soul and open the spirit. I feel really tired, but I also feel alive, and ready to face the week. I listened to Philip Levine reading his poetry on my iPod as I walked across the city, and I’ve also come to the conclusion that I don’t hear enough poetry in my days. I read a lot, and I read a lot of books, and I talk about poetry, but I don’t really listen to it. And listening to it opens up whole other worlds. Like a line that came to me while listening to Levine read: when grief split open into bitter cherries. My line, belonging to a poem that isn’t yet. But it describes my week.

A few treats for you:

  1. I’ve always wanted to see the Northern Lights, and now I realise that — of course — I live in a country that keeps them.
  2. Breaking Bad easter eggs. Not real easter eggs. But beautiful reflections, deductions, and comparisons of symbolism. Right up your alley, I think.
  3. Benedict Cumberbatch reflects on Sherlock. Have only skimmed it so far — a gift from my aunt in the past five minutes — but I will savor it in the morning =). (PS, no spoilers — I still haven’t seen His Last Vow)

And a request:

Can you send me more seasons of Cabin Pressure? I have Seasons 1 & 2 from you, you glorious lady, but can you send me more?? =)


Philip Levine

Lately the wind burns
the last leaves and evening
comes too late to be
of use, lately I learned
that the year has turned
its face to winter
and nothing I say or do
can change anything.
So I sleep late and waken
long after the sun has risen
in an empty house and walk
the dusty halls or sit
and listen to the wind
creak in the eaves and struts
of this old house. I say
tomorrow will be different
but I know it won’t.
I know the days are shortening
and when the sun pools
at my feet I can reach
into that magic circle
and not be burned. So
I take the few things
that matter, my book,
my glasses, my father’s ring,
my brush, and put them aside
in a brown sack and wait —
someone is coming for me.
A voice I’ve never heard
will speak my name
or a face press to the window
as mine once pressed
when the world held me out.
I had to see what it was
it loved so much. Nothing
had time to show me
how a leaf spun itself
from water or water cried
itself to sleep for
every human thirst. Now
I must wait and be still
and say nothing I don’t know,
nothing I haven’t lived
over and over,
and that’s everything.




One thought on “Fill the Gaps With Poetry

  1. Let me see if I can dig up the files. It’s in my other computer and I’ve been moving stuff. But I promise to send those to you. xx


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