Telling Myself to Hop to It

10 January 2014
6:24 PM


Am at my father’s office again, trying to catch up with everything I’ve missed because we don’t have internet at home. So far, I still owe you the three letters I wrote when I went to Tagaytay last December, and some e-mails, too. I have also yet to complete the journal I’ve started for you (I’m really sorry about that, by the way–I wanted to finish that last year so you have something to read during the holidays). I also want to tell you things that are for your eyes only (apologies, readers and friends who are following along). All of these are in my head, and I am telling myself to hop to it, so am hopping.

How are you?

I was thinking this is a nice resolution to have this year:

We were talking about the house today. Something about the additions being made in my office. How the plumbing must be hidden. Perhaps build a platform, place the three cabinets there. I noticed that one is smaller, has a different width. I thought it was going to be a problem, so I raised that flag right away. My aunt, the architect in charge of the project, looked surprised at the new detail, then a wide grin slowly spread on her face. “Good!” she said. “That’s a blessing, actually.”

I am still thinking about that. Of unexpected details. Of opportunities disguised as possible setbacks. Maybe all we need is to think differently.

Good evening,


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