The Stories We Tell

9 January 2014
7:17 PM


Just came from an intense coffee date with my sisters and uncle. Have you ever had to deliver a rundown of your life–years’ worth of stories upon stories–in just a few minutes? That’s what it was like this afternoon. Of course the minutes stretched to two hours, but that’s all we had–two hours to pick and choose and tell the stories that matter, and they all matter. So which one to share?

Which one would mostly summarise what’s up with you so far? Which one would give a gist of the person you have become? Which one would be remembered better, which one would drive a point, which one is more important than the other, which one must be told now?

For every story I’m telling there’s another that I’m letting go of, and yet if you string together all of what I’ve shared, it gives another story that I wasn’t even aware was there. Do you know what I mean?

This–writing a letter–is telling a story, too.

I miss you. This week has been a big wave, one that I think brought the both of us farther, away from the shore, more than we might have liked. Hoping it brings us back soon, to surer, better footing. Until then–hold on.



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