24 hours of Happy!

24hours of happy!

24hours of happy!

4 January 2013
10:17 pm


T. —

Andrew just showed me this 24-hour music video of happy people dancing: 24hoursofhappy. I just want to mute the song that repeats over and over again and play other music in the background and just watch happy people dance for an entire day straight.

This evening, we watched ‘Despicable Me 2’ and giggled the whole way through. I finished reading ‘Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets’ yesterday, but I’m ahead of my brother’s reading schedule, so I’ve taken a break with some ‘Death Comes to Pemberley’ by P.D. James. I wrote some letters. We made dinner together, played a game of chess.

Now Andrew is doing yoga, and I’m shutting down for the night.

NYTimes articles I’m reading:

  1. Canada wants to stop delivering mail to residences? What will writing letters look like in the future? More like this? Less like paper and ink?
  2. What is the reading experience of e-books?
  3. Yay, Evernote!

Good morning, and goodnight,


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