How old is your mind?

This is my mental age, apparently

This is my mental age, apparently

2 January 2014
10:31 PM


I took this test a while ago, and well, I wasn’t surprised at the result. Nevertheless I will be mindful of it, and remind myself not to worry too much.

Today I am still getting myself reacquainted with the new year. Been having a marathon of Sherlock to prepare myself for the first episode of Series Three. Also doing a bit of work.

As for poetry, I am currently a part of a Kelly Writers House book group that discusses the work of Rae Armantrout. It is led by the always wonderful Al Filreis, and we have had some fruitful conversations for two weeks last December. It has resumed again this year for another two weeks, and it’s just the kind of mental stimulation that I needed as I try to brush away the cobwebs left by the holiday season.

I also plan on getting back to reading Wild by Cheryl Strayed, and sending you e-mails. That’s one book I don’t mind reading again.

Ah, already there is so much to do! Crossing my fingers that I won’t run out of steam too soon.



2 thoughts on “How old is your mind?

    • Not quite sure if the questions change, or my mood. I took this again yesterday, and I got around 33 I think, and just now I got 52, which was sophisticated as well. I wonder what the parameters are.

      But really, what I would like is a similar test but which measures compatibility.


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