Christmas Cards

All of our Christmas cards =)

All of our Christmas cards =)

30 December 2013
9:00 pm

T. —

Something I absolutely adore about Christmas: Christmas cards. We couldn’t send out a lot this year by actual post, because stamps are so expensive these days for a bulk mailing. Instead, I handing out  Christmas cards to the whole choir of St. Giles (a total of 40 hand-written cards), and a few friends in Edinburgh, and then we sent around a Christmas e-card to our loved ones abroad. There is a real Christmas card coming in your (belated) Christmas package though, so you still have some holiday cheer to get.

I want to do something with all of these cards. We also have some cards that I saved from last year. Some of them are simply beautiful, and I don’t want them to just go in a box somewhere. Andrew recommended doing something with them as well, and then we both thought: why not making something from them? Why not making some ornaments, and putting a note somewhere on the ornament to indicate the year and the person who sent the card?!

That will be my research for the next few days, and maybe my project in January.



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