27 December 2013
2:35 AM


Day after Christmas, and I ventured out on my own to meet with S. and S., two of my favourite people in the world. We’re back again at Pages, a cafe that serves dishes named after books. A few steps away from us we saw a patisserie that’s about to open soon called Poetry and Prose. Of course we would have to try it.

So there we were, three poets who are already dissolving into laughter before we have even ordered anything. We exchanged gifts, and really there is nothing more wonderful than having readers for friends. We hand each other books and oohed and aahed over titles. S. found me a hardbound copy of The Hobbit, with illustrations by Alan Lee, which has long been in my wishlist! S. gave me homemade calamansi curd (made by his sister I think) and a notebook from his recent trip to India.

As we contemplated on what to eat, we went ahead and ordered a bottle of chardonnay. And then off we went with our stories. S. has recently gotten married and she’s blooming. S. talked about his trip. I told them that I’ve been writing, and thinking about studying again, and they are all for it. They haven’t finished Breaking Bad yet, and I had to make an effort to shut up before I reveal anything precious, ha. They told me I might like Mad Men and Suits, so I have to add that to my list.

It was a lovely afternoon. I wish there could be more days like this. I wish we could have days like this.



One thought on “Afterglow

  1. I didn’t get into Mad Men that much, but I know people who did. I LOVVVE Suits — my brother-in-law is a paralegal in NYC, so he laughs at the drama of it all, but there’s something about the sharp wittiness of it that reminds me of Sherlock. I’m interested to see if you like it!


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