I’m Sure I’ll Be Fine Again

21 December 2013
11:21 PM


–until I can get up from this bed. Which is probably the next time forever rolls around.

My day–

I don’t even know what happened to my day. There was dizziness, and walking around, being led by the hand by my sisters. Sitting down. Trying not to vomit. Eating but not tasting anything.

I think I went somewhere to buy gifts and clothes, but I don’t remember much. It’s just all in a haze. It’s a wonder I was able to do anything.

Maybe at one point I think I fell asleep in the dressing room. I had fever, and I had chills, and I just grabbed this sweater-blouse and changed into it. Sat there for a few minutes to stop the world from turning, and fell asleep. My sister found me like that I think.

Don’t think I’m making sense so I’m ending this now.



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