To Bed

18 December 2013
12:42 AM


I have a massive migraine. Been bumping into things and trying not to throw up all day. I wanted to sleep, but my head hurts too much.

Read your letters. I don’t know if I will be able to give a top list of books. It’s impossible. At least, if we’re talking about a “for all time” category. Been reading and rereading so much this year. Let me think it over and will give my list tomorrow.

I’m glad you’re spending time with Andrew’s family. It’s good to be surrounded by people who love you.



One thought on “To Bed

  1. It’s not a problem. I’ve had 3 migraines in the past week, and last night’s back problem turned into a nightmare of pain today. I’m already going to have to post my letter for today tomorrow morning, so complete understanding over here on this end. What about top ten childhood books? Or top ten re-readable books? Or top ten books of 2013? That’s what I love about our Reading List — I read through it and found at least 10 books I had forgotten I had read this year, because I thought I had read them a while ago. I think each year I’d like to do a “State of the Bookshelves” address and write about the 10 most influential books I read that year. It’s something that really resonates with me.

    Sending healing for your pain, and love to you.


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