Game Night and Truffles

Christmas-style Settlers of Catan

Christmas-style Settlers of Catan

17 December 2013
12:00 am

T. —

Last night was Game Night with 4 of our friends. The six of us meet up to play board games (mostly just Settlers of Catan so far, but we’ll see what else emerges), eat dinner, have snacks, share stories. Last night was Christmas-themed, so: mulled wine, amazing baked goods, winter-style pizza (leek, cranberry, brie, chestnuts), olives, snacks, Christmas tree, a fire in the fireplace.

And an amazing recipe for some ridiculous truffles, courtesy of N:

Due to the popular demand, I thought I’d share some of the secrets…

(This seems like a bit of a Faff the first time you make them.  But once you see what the consistency should be its a dawdle after that!!)

Ingredients for appx 20 Truffles:

appx. 60g of melted butter/margarine

2 heaped tbls Drinking Chocolate powder (or 3 if you don’t have cocoa)

1 heaped tbls Cocoa Powder

3 heaped tbls Desiccated Coconut

1 small tin (397g size) Condensed Milk (but not the light stuff, it doesn’t have enough ‘body’)

appx 15 Crushed Digestive Biscuits (which is the majority of a large packet)

coating of choice – coconut, sprinkles, chopped mixed nuts, left-over crushed biscuit; essentially any ‘dry’ option you fancy/have!

a selection of paper cases


1.  melt the butter and take off heat.

2.  add condensed milk, cocoa, drinking chocolate and coconut to the melted butter.

3.  add the majority of your crushed digestive biscuit, but keep a little back [1].

4. stir briskly with a wooden spoon until all the ingredients are well combined.  The mixture will get harder to work as you combine it.  You essentially want the mixture to be stodgy enough to stand the spoon upright in the middle.  if its not, add a little bit extra biscuit. Leave to stand for a few minutes while you prepare your coating(s).

5. put your coating(s) in bowl(s) and lay out approx 18-25 paper cases.  Get ready to get your hands gooey!

6.  using a spoon (dependant on your size of paper cases; roughly speaking, teaspoon for mini, desert spoon for medium) scoop up some mixture and plop into the bowl containing the coating of choice. [2]

7. roll around in the bowl with your fingers to coat them and then plop into a paper case and repeat until you’ve used all the mixture… unless of course you just want to eat it from the pan/bowl like @Rory does!!

8. leave them to ‘set’ either on the worktop (appx 30 mins) or in the fridge (appx 15 mins) if you need them to be sturdier quicker to take somewhere.

9. Enjoy! 😀 (will be good for about 2-3, maybe even 4, days but after that they just go really hard!  let’s face it, WHO would even have them sitting around that long?! )

[1]. The reason for this is that if you guesstimate your butter, as i do, or even depending on what type of ‘fat’ you use, it might be too dry adding all your biscuit at once which means you have no space for error.  Its much easier to add extra dry ingredients than extra wet!

[2.]  It won’t come easily off the spoon, so you need to scrape it off with either another utensil or your finger (fingers seem to work best, probably due to your body heat, but either way you can lick them afterwards when you’re done! yay!)


You can make all sorts of variations on these.  You can add some booze, or flavourings to a batch.  Obviously don’t go mad, but about a desert spoon of liquid will be equal to an extra digestive biscuit/spoonful of coconut, or so, just to get the consistency balance.

If you accidentally add too much dry ingredient at the start and don’t have enough time/will-power/ingredients to muck about, add rum flavouring, Tia Maria, etc a teaspoon at a time just to wet it down again.

If all you can get is the ‘light’ condensed milk at the shops – who would CHOOSE such a pointless option?! –  it seems to be a runnier mixture and you have to keep adding a little extra coconut… then a little extra biscuit… then maybe a little more coconut, etc, etc… just to get the consistency/balance.  They never taste quite right either.  It IS a treat after all!! 😀

You can also use the Truffle recipe for a cheat/quick Rocky Road.  Make the digestives chunkier, use a small tub of halved glacé cherries, a good handful each of mini marshmallows and broken walnuts/chopped nuts then tip out on a bit of tin foil, roll up into a log and bung in the fridge for about an hour or so. Cut into ’rounds’ when set.

We came home exhausted, and thankful for amazing company and delicious food. It was like Thanksgiving all over again.



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