Time to Remember

16 December 2013
11:36 PM


I’m starting to go through some notebooks I’ve written in this year. Just to remember. Reflect on the days that have passed, and what I thought about them.

I haven’t bought a planner yet for next year. Maybe over the weekend.

It’s funny, because my planner is not even full of plans really. It’s more about errant thoughts, quotes I’ve picked up, things to remember.

There was one year when I’ve endeavoured to list every single thing I watched, listened to, ate. It was quite tedious, but the data I’ve gathered was fascinating to look at years later. I was able to keep it going for a few months until I gave up.

Do you have a method with which to keep track of your days? What does your planner look like? Do you know of any activities that I might enjoy doing?

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