I Wondered Out Loud


14 December 2013
1:58 am

T. —

We went to a friend’s Christmas party tonight, finished Breaking Bad finally, had a highly successful food shop, connected with family, and discussed the merits and responsibilities of money in a mindful and aware global community.

All in all, a successful day.

Stephen Dunn

Driving the Garden State Parkway to New York, I pointed out two crows
to a woman who believed crows always travel in threes. And later just
one crow eating the carcass of a squirrel. “The others are nearby,” she
said, “hidden in trees.” She was sure. Now and then she’d say “See!” and
a clear dark trinity of crows would be standing on the grass. I told her
she was wrong to under- or overestimate crows, and wondered out loud
if three crows together made any evolutionary sense. I was almost get-
ting serious now. Near Forked River, we saw five. “There’s three,” she
said, “and two others with a friend in a tree.” I looked to see if she was
smiling. She wasn’t. Or she was. “Men like you,” she said, “need it writ-
ten down, notarized, and signed.




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