Open and Release

Bloom's Christmas tree

Bloom’s Christmas tree

12 December 2013
10:34 pm

T. —

I’m reading the #GraceAndGratitude exercise today about letting go, but I’m not thinking of “weeding out the weeds”. I’m thinking about what I learned from Theta about manifesting. It came down to a single question, really: “If you want to welcome a new love into your life, you have to think about where he would fit in to your home. If there’s no room, where will he put his clothes?” I laughed when I heard it. It seemed so absurd to clear out part of your house for a future, as-of-yet-non-existent love interest.

And yet, in the weeks before Andrew’s visa came through last year, I found myself cleaning the whole house and making room for all of his things. I made sure that each drawer in our dresser was half-empty in anticipation for his clothes. That there was room for his shoes. I even made sure that I only slept on one side of the bed. I wanted so badly to open up space in the flat, in my life, as though he had already filled it.

The underlying premises that Theta teaches about manifesting are a) open a space and invite the universe to fill it, and b) live as though you already have the life you love. So when I think about letting go, I think about releasing, and I think about opening. I don’t think of weeds at all.



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