Led Me Into the Sunrise (These Words Do Heal)

First mince pies of the season...

First mince pies of the season…

9 December 2013
11:27 pm

T. —

I’m a bit behind on the #GraceAndGratitude. I’m going to give myself a break, but I really want to catch up on it tomorrow morning. I want to catch up with a lot of myself, actually. Yes, this life is wonderful, and snapshots of it are exactly how I envisioned my life. But it’s like that type of movie where you see a premonition of the future which only lasts 30 seconds. And once you actually catch up with that part of the future, you understand that you saw those 30 seconds out of context, and that the things around it are pretty much very different than you ever expected. I’m not trying to downplay that I am lucky to have this life. It’s just that… well, yeah. We all feel like strangers in our skins, and we all watch Under the Tuscan Sun thinking, “please, does someone really have this life?”

It’s been an up and down day.

Ted Kooser saved me. Talk about poetry that saves. It was Applesauce from the Writer’s Almanac, but also this small volume of his letter poems: Winter Morning Walks: one hundred postcards to Jim Harrison.

These words do heal.


december 9
Ted Kooser

Clear, still and cold.

Fence post to fence post,
just out of reach,
a bank swallow led me
into the sunrise.

Black, white and gray
like a half-burned love letter
floating up out of a fire,
she led me along.

I would like to have read
what was left of that message
red on its feathery edges
with dawn.




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