It Begins In Us

I am grateful for my writing space.

I am grateful for my writing space.

2 December 2013
10:26 pm

T. —

Day 2 of #GraceAndGratitude. I’ve been posting pictures today on my Instagram. Things I have seen new today:

  • My cups of tea. I am so lucky to be able to make them all day, every day, as much as I like.
  • My Tigger mug — I’m coming to recognize that I don’t feel truly attached to a lot of things I own. I’m trying to downsize, to minimalize my life, and to shed the excess. But it makes the few things I feel tied to feel even more special. I won’t have my Tigger mug forever, but it has survived 3 years with me so far. And it makes me smile.
  • Ginger cookies from the German Christmas Market. Edinburgh at Christmas is really jolly, and it sparkles. The ginger cookies are a special treat I only eat in December.
  • My new 2014 diary. I feel lucky to be looking at reproductions of beautiful sketches and watercolours. I am excited to start cutting them out and dispersing them to my friends. I feel glad that I will be recycling this book by the end of next year, and I feel ready to make some changes to my schedule and my structure. By changes, I mean organic development that will help me to help myself.
  • A hot bath with bubbles and candles. I feel thankful that I had time in my day to relax, and to refresh, and to recline.
  • This kitten. She’s crazy, it’s true. But she’s playful and hilarious and pretty sweet as well, especially in the winter when she cuddles up for warmth.

Sarah writes: Gratitude happens in the shape of our everyday words and actions. It begins in our minds. It begins with how we construct our habits, thoughts, and words. The more you practice, the better you get. I think the thing I take most from that is that change only starts in me. The world doesn’t fully change until change takes place in everyone. I can’t do anything about anyone else. I can’t make that change happen in your parents. But I can foster and develop and encourage and brighten the change in myself.


I can’t help it
If you might think I’m odd,
If I say I’m loving you not for what you are
But what you’re not.
Everybody will help you
Discover what you set out to find.
But if I can save you any time,
Come on, give it to me,
I’ll keep it with mine.




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