What I Believe In



29 November 2013
11:08 pm

T. —

What I Believe In: A Manifesto

I believe in things getting better. I believe in moving on from where we are. I believe in taking the right roads, and I believe that every road is a right road for something. I believe in the curation of ideas, and how essential it is to have contribution from many different angles. I believe in bolstering anyone who needs support, and teaching those who are willing to learn. I believe we are always both a teacher and a student. I believe in the arena, and work, and loyalty, and risk.

I believe in coming back to places that were important, and in honoring the past. I believe in releasing limitations, and the strength of honesty and vulnerability. I believe in tea and its healing powers. I believe in comfort, without perpetuating laziness. I believe that music is the cloak of the soul. I believe that we happen to our lives, instead of our lives happening to us.

I believe in reasons, which are separate from explanations.

I believe there is room for so much more.

Good morning,


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