The Perils of Can’t

Avant Apres Peinture, Expliquee 1

Avant Apres Peinture, Expliquee 1

25 November 2013
01:35 AM


Well I guess I am finding out lately that apparently I can do things. It’s not so much about being able to, but being willing to do it. The perils of acclimatising oneself to say I can’t all the time as a result of a pessimistic view of one’s abilities (as well as a nagging doubt that whatever one does will never amount to anything) is that you forget that you were actually good at something once before. You begin to believe in your one-dimensionality, that perhaps the thing you’re doing now is a circle that doesn’t overlap with the circle of Things You Think You Can’t Do, which results in a sad Venn diagram of your life, I suppose. (Does this make sense?)

So I can’t is an excuse that I have removed from my vocabulary. I’m crossing my fingers that I can stick to it, my goodness, for a long while. The last few days have been proof enough.



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