Embrace Change

Abundance Hub

Abundance Hub

14 November 2013
4:12 pm

T. —

So first I found this: a story about turning emails into letters. It’s a project that started in 2011, and it looks beautiful. It’s happening again, through tomorrow: http://www.snailmailmyemail.org/

But then, I did my research on who Ivan Cash really is, and I found this:

Take Risks, Break Rules, and Kick Ass

What I took from this video: Breaking rules, taking risks, pursuing great stories.

What really struck me from the image above: Embrace change. I’ve never really been one to embrace change, or to reject it. I just let it happen and go along with the ride, but the discomfort factor has been quite high. The regret has been quite high. What is discovery to me?

Discovery is realizing that regret has little to no purpose. Discovery is trying new things. Discovery is the olive rule: try something 7 times, and you will probably like it. Discovery is innovation and ideas and moving forward. Discovery is learning something, even if the knowledge is a reality check. This is the prompt right? What is discovery? Exploration is really the same thing. Pushing boundaries. Exploring options.

Changing the question to fit the answer.

Good morning,


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