Pure and Utter Peace


Iona, February 2008

8 November 2013
4:07 pm


T. —

I am thinking of you and sending you all of my love and wishes for your safety. Both for you and for everyone you know. I am spending the weekend with Garchen Rinpoche and I will dedicate all of my meditation to sending you light and love.

I wish I could do more.


I’ve realized recently just how much Scotland has offered to me. I mean, I am meeting a Buddhist lama tonight. I found my spiritual roots in Scotland. I am working towards a PhD. It all feels insane, and it all feels quite surreal that one country gave me all of this.

My heart should be buried in Iona. I was going to say Scotland, I was going to say the highlands or the islands. I was going to say Up North. But really, it should be Iona, which is a magnificent burial place for so many.

Here are some pictures from 2008, when I went to Iona for the first time with my cousin Rob:

Iona, February 2008

Iona, February 2008

Iona, February 2008

Iona, February 2008

We went in the middle of February. It was desolate, and raining, and all of the B&Bs were closed. We were stranded on the island for 2 days more than we expected, and ran out of money.

But it was pure and utter peace.

The kind of peace I’m sending to you today.

Iona, February 2008

Iona, February 2008

Good morning. Please stay safe.



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