May All Beings Everywhere Be Free

3 November 2013
2:03 pm


T. —

A slow Sunday morning. Sleeping in, eating breakfast, getting some work done. Family cuddle time. Bloom is both cuddled against my leg, and hunting us like her prey. It’s the perfect balance to the truth of her nature.


A Prayer That is Not a Prayer

I dedicate myself to better learn myself
to find the cracks that appear when the rain comes
to finding forgiveness when I’m not sure I want to be brave
I dedicate myself to being brave with my forgiveness

I dedicate my time to finding better routes to understanding
to covering each square inch of my home with care
to remembering what is important and knowing that what is important often changes
I dedicate my time to sharing happiness

I dedicate my mind to emptiness
to finding peace in every sound
to washing everything in pure awareness
I dedicate my mind to letting go


My daily prayers:

– Making tea.
– Sitting with Bloom.
– Looking out the windows.
– Making the bed.
– Clearing my spaces.
– Writing letters.
– Taking a bath.
– Listening to inspiring podcasts.
– Looking at the world again and again with new eyes.
– Following up on my ideas.
– Releasing what no longer serves me.
– Recreating my connection to my life.
– Loving.


Good morning,


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