Who said anything about reading?

27 October 2013
probably past midnight


I am writing this under the covers, with a tiny night light that I’ve brought with me because I’m supposed to be reading.

Reading? That was a load of bull. What I did upon arriving at the hotel is sink into the chair by the big window and moan about cheeseburger. That was around three in the afternoon yesterday, before my sister dragged me out of the room to check out the pool. That was annoying–I had just claimed my chair, my butt hasn’t even warmed it yet, and already she has assigned me as her bodyguard. You can read by the pool, she tells me, and I raise my eyebrows at that. The last time she has suggested this, I ended up waiting on her with a towel on one hand and a camera on the other.

I wish I could swim. This would probably solve a lot of problems.

Anyway–we went to the pool area, took one look at all the hairy men, and slowly backed out. It was like a scene from a dream. One you wanted to wake up from, and quickly. Heh.

I ended up getting back to my chair. I did get my cheeseburger. And then–I don’t have much to tell you between that and dinner, because I promptly fell asleep, my books forgotten (I brought along The Selected Writings of Gertrude Stein and A Game of Thrones. I also have Simon van Booy’s The Illusion of Separateness, Julien Smith’s The Flinch, and Ken Robinson’s Out of Our Minds: Learning to be Creative on ebook for variety. Yeah…I have big ambitions for the weekend, I suppose.)

Dinner was seafood noodle soup and tofu with parsley, my favourite. Then coffee and some coffee buns. I was looking forward to settling into bed when I was roped into watching Blade: Trinity until past midnight. And now here I am, writing this letter, hoping to post it when I get back home.

I don’t think I will get any reading done. Perhaps this is a lost cause. I am currently listening to the soundtrack of Bright Star, listening to letters being read, and wondered for the nth time why I haven’t seen the damn movie yet.

(a very early–or late, depending on what time you’ll get to read this) Good morning,

P.S. I am posting this at almost midnight on my timezone! Sorry about that. And oh–I ended up falling asleep listening to The Tolkien Professor podcast, which is almost like reading, but not really.


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