For All Beings

22 October 2013
10:38 pm

T. —

I went to a double feature movie evening at the Dominion Cinema in Edinburgh, well known for its comfy leather sofas and warm, welcoming atmosphere. There was an online deal a few weeks ago: two Dominion tickets for £8. Easily the best deal I’ve bought in a while. I bought two sets of two tickets, and used all four tonight. First, Andrew and I went to go see the documentary about Garchen Rinpoche who is actually coming to Edinburgh in two weeks. It was a really remarkable exploration of his life, his influences, and his inspiration.

The second film was Sunshine on Leith, which I went to see with my friend Emily. We both agreed that it wasn’t a fantastic film by itself, but it is entirely set in Edinburgh, so we had a great time spotting the places we know, and looking out for friends who were extras in the film.

All in all, a great evening, and a very enjoyable time with great company.

Who could ask for more?



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