Singing Out These Days

7 October 2013
10: 30 pm

T. —

I heard this song this morning and realized this is October. The days are getting shorter already. I don’t know how the months ran away from me. I feel like yesterday it was June. I’m not concerned about the winter months, about the darkness, about the cold, because it will pass just as swiftly, and tomorrow will be April. Time skips like a well-worn record singing out these days.

I’m looking forward to winter, to reading books and listening to music through headphones. Making soups and baking muffins. Going to the movies where the darkness is essential. Meeting friends for coffees and teas. Taking walks through the cold, all bundled up. Warming up my body with laughter. More reading, more writing. More time to renew and recharge.

It all sounds amazing. I feel warmer already.



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