I Fell

23 September 2013
1:22 AM


I had a perfect day. It was raining, and I had buffalo chicken wings for lunch. I ordered something spicy–they called it “firehouse”–but it wasn’t spicy enough, at least not for me. Next time: I’ll go nuclear.

I had ice cream, and we went to look at tiles for the bathroom. It was my idea of a great afternoon. As I said: perfect. I had even forgotten what happened in the morning, when my father forced me to go to church, and I had to spend the rest of the hour trying to get the tic under my left eye in control.

Then I came home, and I sat on my desk. I was reaching to fix a picture frame that was not in the correct angle, and the next thing I know, I was looking at my father’s face upside down. My chair slipped out from under me, and I was all bent the wrong way. It took a moment, but I finally sat up. Checked myself: nothing broken. Papa asked me, “Are you hurt?” I told him, “Only my pride.”

I could almost hear Sinatra crooning in my ear: I fell, and it was swell…

I had dinner, and halfway through I suddenly felt aches all over my body. So I went to bed and took a nap. Now it’s almost two in the morning, and I think my left leg is bruised. Perhaps my fall was more like this:

Might hang out at the ModPo forums for a bit. We only have this small window before the peer reviews appear, so it would be nice to get to discuss Week 3 for a bit before the madness begins. Thanks for the poems by Rachel Blau DuPlessis. I liked her and planned to read more of her, but with so many to discover in this course (Cid Corman was a revelation to me last year), it might take me a long time to fully digest everything.

Have I mentioned that I’m really glad you’re taking it now? I like seeing ModPo through your eyes.



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