Smell the Sun

Fresh Lunch

Fresh Lunch

14 September 2013
1:42 pm


T. —

This morning was busy with pancakes, cherry jam, whipped cream and This American Life podcasts. And then the Farmer’s Market. And then fresh things bundled up in paper bags. And then a fresh doughy pretzel, and a snowball to share (marshmallow filling, covered in a thin layer of chocolate and rolled in coconut).

Lunch is fresh today. I could smell the tomatoes from a mile away. I adore fresh tomatoes. Andrew doesn’t like the taste for some reason, but he’ll eat them in salads, and he loves them cooked. But fresh. You can smell the sun and the earth and the air on them. I couldn’t resist taking a picture while I was cutting them up. One day, we’ll have scratch and sniff photos, but even that won’t be the same.

Finished salad

Finished salad

A bit of lunch, a bit of music, a bit of cleaning, a bit of lounging. Sounds like a great Saturday in my books.

Good morning,



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