Like a Ship, Like a Sail

Exploring watercolors on Paper

Exploring watercolors on Paper

13 September 2013
8:59 am

T. —

This morning I was interested in how our neighbour’s window reflects the roof and chimneys to look like the bow of a ship. I tried to capture the idea in Paper. Minus the random black line that didn’t really get fixed, it pretty much looks like the perceived reflection.


A package came from IKEA today, which is funny because I was just there on Wednesday. Did I tell you I got a new letter tray? Andrew apparently ordered a few frames for our scratch-off maps… we have one of the world, and one of the UK; we’ve had them for years, but we haven’t been able to display them yet.

Bloom is now playing in the cardboard box and wrappings. Ah, to be a feline with such specific interests. She growled at my slippers today. I think she thought they were small furry animals, even while they were on my feet.


From Clearances – 5
Seamus Heaney

In Memoriam M.K.H. 1911-1984

The cool that came off the sheets just off the line
Made me think the damp must still be in them
But when I took my corners of the linen
And pulled against her first straight down the hem
And then diagonally then flapped and shook
The fabric like a sail in a cross-wind
They made a dried-out undulating thwack.
So we’d stretch and fold and end up hand to hand
For a split second as if nothing had happened
For nothing had that had not always happened
Beforehand day by day just touch and go
Coming close again by holding back
In moves where I was x and she was o
Inscribed in sheets she’d sewn from ripped-out flour sacks.


Whitman today. I’ve done all of the Emily readings and videos, but today it’s on to Walt.

Good morning,


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