Time Stops

10 September 2013
11:52 am

T. —

I just discovered that Big Fish has been made into a musical. I’ve never read the book, but I loved the Tim Burton movie, and now I’m dying to see the musical. I’ll put it on my to-do list for next summer when I’m back in the States. I like this video, but I love listening to the full tracks here (only two so far… can’t wait until they release the album). The show just moved from Chicago to Broadway — it’s currently in preview performances. I think it really opens in October.

People say that’s irresponsible
People tell me stay at home
But I’m not made for things like mowing lawns or apron strings
I’m my best, when not at rest

So I fight the dragons and I storm the castles
And I win a battle or two
Then comes the day it’s time,
I’m packing up and I am bringing all my stories home to you

All I can see is miles ahead with miles to go
All I can feel is wind and sun and sky
Stop for a coffee, make a friend, and pray the day will never end
‘Cause there’s one more adventure waiting ’round another bend

It’s amazing to find some music or some stories that just spark something in your soul.


I would absolutely love to trade notes with you. Do you really want to photocopy/scan all of yours though? If it’s not too much work, I would love them. I’ll send mine to work with Andrew so he can scan them in for me and I can send them to you =).

Is there such a thing as overreading? Yes. I think readers can push the limits of language by warping it to apply to their own specific viewpoints. The meaning of words change. We cannot hold an author accountable for how words change past their lifetimes. I think the important difference is that we can never be too curious, and in that sense, we can never overread as long as reading comes from a place of questioning and exploration, instead of trying to use the text to prove a point. I think there’s a hard line of academics who come to poetry with their already-constructed theories, and just use the poems as evidence, no matter how much shaping and carving has to happen for those sound bytes to ring true. That sounds a bit negative, but I’ve seen it done.


More books out of the library today. More reading. It also doesn’t help that I’ve caught on to Breaking Bad too. I’m only on the third season, and Andrew is upset that I’ve been watching it without him. So I’ll probably stop there until he catches up. But good lord. What is going to happen when Game of Thrones comes back on as well?

There’s so much good reading and watching and witnessing to be part of. It’s incredible. How do people find time to create things? I’m in the middle of all of these things, wishing time would stop.

Good morning,


One thought on “Time Stops

  1. !!! I hope I didn’t spoil anything for you. I didn’t realise that you were watching Breaking Bad, too. I love it so much. This show is the main reason why I’m always thinking about morality and choices lately.

    Re: notes, which do you prefer–scanned or photocopied? Of course if it’s the latter, I might not be able to mail them right away. Let me know. If scanned, I’ll start on the weekend, but I can probably finish the first notebook. No problem at all. I will also send you something via e-mail in awhile.

    As for me, I don’t want to bother Andrew unnecessarily. There’s no hurry at all =) Scanned or photocopy is fine by me, whichever is easier.

    What other classes are you signed up for?

    Re: the shows, tell me about it. I want to read and write all night but I just couldn’t resist a good story. During the airing of GoT, I was also listening to podcasts of the show, and watching reviews/opinions of others on YouTube. Crazy. Sometimes I wish that instead of time stopping, that there are more hours to the day. That there would be more days to a week. Say, a three-day weekend.

    Season 4 is intense. I promise.


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