Collecting Time

Boston, 2009

Boston, 2009

7 September 2013
3:38 pm

T. —

Have you ever noticed that all of the language surrounding time is about conservation, use, and commodity? Waste time, save time, spend some time, killing time. I would rather collect time, and slow it, and have it again. My favorite thing about the concept of time travel is being able to rewind. I would just like to watch my day in reverse, to feel like I haven’t wasted it if I lie on the sofa for hours looking at the patterns in the fabric.

Kay Ryan

Surfaces serve
their own purposes,
strive to remain
constant (all lives
want that). There is
a skin, not just on
peaches but on oceans
(note the telltale
slough of foam on beaches).
Sometimes it’s loose,
as in the case
of cats: you feel how a
second life slides
under it. Sometimes it
fits. Take glass.
Sometimes it outlasts
its underside. Take reefs.
The private lives of surfaces
are innocent, not devious.
Take the one-dimensional
belief of enamel in itself,
the furious autonomy
of luster (crush a pearl—
it’s powder), the whole
curious seamlessness
of how we’re each surrounded
and what it doesn’t teach.
Good morning,



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