To Be Still is Still to Be Living

Eilean Donan Viewpoint, 2013

Eilean Donan Viewpoint, 2013

26 August 2013
9:59 pm

T. —

The photo above has lots of the elements that filled my weekend. I know I’ve already given you a photo of Eilean Donan Castle, but here are the other things this photo taught me:

A view higher up doesn’t just help you to see more of the sky. It helps you to see more of where you are.

The sky and the water are made out of the same colors because water reflects the light around it. It makes me think about energy and meditation, and how we as people are the mirrors for our own lives, as well as having many depths and entire worlds beneath the surface.

Air. Wind. Salt. Clouds. Shore. Sky. Horizon. Stone. Solidity. Erosion. Tides. Perspective. Light. Weight. Depth.

A quiet scene for silent reflection, and a road to come back to the human world again.

The fact that to be still is still to be living. And going so fast and missing this stillness is less of a life.

There are layers to everything, no matter how far or immediate.

Perspective changes the size of things. Stillness changes the weight of things.

Peace is possible anywhere, but the simplest remote pockets of the world have this knowledge fed into their veins.


I loved your letter last night. It made me so happy to be writing to you every day, and I wanted to sit down earlier to write here for longer. But Andrew wants to go to bed early, and my mom is in the living room, so there isn’t much space for me to stay up and write to you tonight.

I filled in questions for my friend’s blog. She is interviewing artists. I felt surprised and honored that she asked me, even though it took me a long time to respond, even though I have a complicated relationship with my art right now. I tried to answer as honestly as possible without too much of a negative lens.

I’ll post up the link when it’s available online, but this was one of the questions with my answer:

How do you deal with the dreaded ‘Writer’s Block’?

Admittedly, not very well. I think that everyone has their own way of surviving the peaks and troughs associated with creative lifestyles. I’m still in the learning stages. Tea helps. Meditation helps. Writing while watching movies, or while listening to poetry readings – surprisingly, helps. I think the key is about finding the right environment. When you’re in a bad space, creatively and emotionally, it can be very easy to dwell and settle into it. Change – shifting spaces and surroundings – I think that’s proved to be most successful for me so far.

I also find that a phase of not being able to write generally correlates with some larger sense of disquiet in my psyche. Tension restricts your voice, my singing teacher tells me, any kind of negative emotion you’re trying to suppress. The same is true for my writing, for that voice.

I am so grateful for you and these letters. And I know other people must be too, because they are still here with us, reading along with our days (Hey Jake! Hi Rachel!).



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