Totally Different Reasons

Audience for Scroobius Pip

Audience for Scroobius Pip

18 August 2013
11:29 pm

T. —

I had two converse experiences today: I went to the International Book Festival to hear Kay Ryan read her poetry. As mom noted, it’s an academic crowd of rich white people. That is unfortunately true. There isn’t much diversity in the book festival. Just people who read. And to whom reading is important. And Edinburgh in itself doesn’t have much ethnic diversity, so that’s not a great place to start from. But the books. Good god, the books.

Later in the evening, we went to hear Scroobius Pip‘s spoken word  show. It was loud and brash and depressing and deep and insightful, but largely tortured. It was the poetry of the masses, the words of the body, the emotions of the daily grind. In both of these situations, I was affected, for totally different reasons. I heard the creation story of two poets. Both events were sold out and lively.

And I was grateful for the different ways poetry touches people. The different paths it helps direct. The different voices and vessels it appears through.


Lighthouse Keeping
Kay Ryan

Seas pleat
winds keen
fogs deepen
ships lean no
doubt, and
the lighthouse
keeper keeps
a light for
those left out.
It is intimate
and remote both
for the keeper
and those afloat.




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