What does it mean to love someone?

10 August 2013
12:41 PM


I can’t wait for this film to come out. The trailer made me ache. Spike Jonze seems to have a direct line to my heart. I always cry when I see his movies. By the time the credits roll, I’m a mess, and I can’t wait to watch it all over again.

I love the premise. I love how the story promises to explore the complexity of human emotion–why we feel what we feel, why we love who (what) we love. Does consciousness or awareness of reality figure in it? And how do we even define that? What does it mean to live, to be alive?

Sometimes when I have trouble writing, or during those odd moments when suddenly things and words look and sound strange to me, as if this is my first time to encounter them–I tell myself, describe. Pretend that you are talking to someone who has never been here, or who can’t see anything, or who was not born in this time. Pretend that this person does not have any idea what all of it–the world, the universe–is. How would you describe it? How would you describe laughter? What does ‘reason’ mean? Why do people touch their lips to each other? Why do they hold hands? What is dancing? Who is God? What does it mean to be alone? What does it mean to love someone?



2 thoughts on “What does it mean to love someone?

    • Have you ever seen Eureka? This reminds me of a character in Eureka: Sarah — the operating system in the house where the Carter’s live. It reminds me of how Sarah becomes integrated into their lives, as another member of their family. This film looks great.

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