Unto Sleep

9 August 2013
9:57 pm


T. —

As I surrender unto sleep, I am going to let this song speak a few conversations for me. Firstly, I always wanted to be part of Eric Whitacre’s virtual choir. He raised funds to do the VC4 this June, but I was in the middle of touring Songs for a New World, and I (very sadly) couldn’t get my act together to learn the song and submit a video. I wonder if this will become a great regret of mine.

I also wonder how this song would have been different with the original Frost poem instead of the Sleep poem that was later commissioned. The whole story is very interesting. It makes me think about the rights of poetry, the lines we draw, the power we hold, the claims we assert. I don’t even know what I think about it.

But I think, mostly, right now — how great a gift is sleep and rest. I have nothing to do tomorrow until 1pm. A luxury. Edinburgh comes alive so much during the festival, but I’ve never realized until today how many demands it makes of you – as a city, as a production, as an avenue of entertainment and of song and dance and festivity. I am going to bed, I want to say, allow me this time off. I need some time off.

It seems like evenings for me now are not much better than mornings were last month.



One thought on “Unto Sleep

  1. Oh, I like Eric Whitacre’s virtual choir. I like what he’s done and achieved with his project. I also loved his TED talk:


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