Still Figuring it Out

30 July 2013
10:56 PM


Your question reminded me of this bit of lecture by Alan Watts where he talks about the process of waking up and discovering who you are. So I’m including it in this letter. In fact, let me say that this whole thing is a cop out: I am trying to evade your question. I tried to answer, and have written a few paragraphs until I realised that, no, I am still figuring it out–this being me thing, this who am I thing. So how can I possibly answer who sees the real me?

Thus here are some videos that I have bookmarked, that speaks of identity and quest for knowing the self, which is something I come back to again and again–

On contradicting yourself, on being unapologetic about who you are:

On vulnerability and worthiness, on shame and fear

On self-negating choices and being an introvert (I think you’ve mentioned her book before):



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