Re: Stacks

Stack of Books

Stack of Books

29 July 2013
12:07 pm

T. —

I’m making stacks. I’m washing the dishes, I’m clearing my desk, I’m organizing books and papers and all extra things lying around. Today, the focus is on the living room, but I’m also seeping through into other rooms (laundry, dishes, bed, clothes). It’s a whirlwind of some form of organization. And this afternoon, I have even carved out some time for myself to turn that attention to poetry.

It feels strange that I have to schedule myself like this. But I’m not getting anything done otherwise, so I’ll do it. I want to look back at the day later and realize that a lot has gotten done.

I’m also going to finish The Night Circus today. I’m determined. I need a win. I need a focus. I need things to stop feeling so scattered.

It’s a great life. It’s just also full to the brim with distraction.

Good morning,


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