Days 1- 21

Days 1- 21

26 July 2013
3:28 pm

T. —

Did our font change? Was this always our text? Just wondering, because it looks a bit unfamiliar. I can’t remember.

Something I found on Pinterest: the idea that when you are training for something, cut up post-its and make a list of days, 1-21. At the end of each day, if you have done what you intended to do towards your goal, rip off a post-it. It only takes 3 weeks to make a habit. I’m using this for exercise. I’ll tell you how it goes.

I was going to write a mini manifesto for Pinterest today, about why I love it, and what it does for me. But I’m also going to follow another sentiment I found there: Stop talking, start doing.

Today is a doing day. It hasn’t been so far, but I’m recovering it.

Good morning,


One thought on “Doing

  1. No it didn’t change. But I have days like that–when something feels unknown to me.

    Good luck on your training. I am rooting for you and hope you make your goal. I have failed at that 21-day thing. I think it’s because I am conscious of it too much–for something to become a habit, that is. So I try to watch out for days when I will fail, and try my hardest not to. Until I arrive at a point when I hit a wall. Or: I successfully make it past the three weeks, and then, without warning, on a random day, I fall out of sequence, and then I unravel everything.

    You know what’s funny–the things that I’m not paying attention to, the activities I do that I am not aware of that I do often–those become habits. They cling to me, and I can’t shake them off.


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