The World is Your Playground

22 July 2013
11:40 PM


I am working late and will have some audio running in the background to keep me company. Still can’t decide if I’ll go for a lecture, a radio show, an audiobook or a podcast. Cabin Pressure will have me in fits, I know it, and would encourage me to just listen and laugh and laugh. But it will also keep me awake. Another choice is The History of Rome. Also Roy Dotrice reading A Game of Thrones. A friend highly recommends Welcome to Night Vale, so I might check that out, too.

But what has my ear at the moment is this audio piece I stumbled upon YouTube today. It gave me the shivers. The author did not identify himself (herself?) except for the username ‘PoeticViolence77,’ but he did include this description for Project One Day: “…the life of a typical male in the western world. From womb to tomb.” Have a listen, and let me know what you think of it.

He also included all six acts. Here is the first:

Act 1:

And one day, one day,
Not today, not tomorrow but soon.

You’ll be naked, scared and confused.
Bright lights, brilliant future.

The world is your playground
to ingest and to smell,
to touch and be touched by,
to see and to savor.

Tiny bruised knees are rolling about,
In the mud, in the earth
Crushing all doubt.

Be outside; stay outside,
with the snails, and the wind,
and the frogs and the clouds.
Be outside; stay outside,
with no walls and no clocks,
where the screens are the streams
and where rays are bright orange,
they don’t flicker with white.

What are your favourite narrated pieces? Are you okay with ‘reading’ books in this manner? Do you listen to podcasts and radio shows?



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