Singing: An Apologia

Nothing is not blooming

Nothing is not blooming

21 July 2013
12:57 pm


T. —

Free, flexible, release, letting go.

The voice is most susceptible to stress, and restricts. This is true of the singing voice, but also of poetry.

The phrase Riding the breath has always made me think of dragons and flying and sky.

Music can soar and means we can fly with our souls high and our feet steady.
Grounding, strength, support.

Ability to adapt and change.



Every movement, no matter how unconscious, is large and alive and purposive. This is what beauty is, one of the girls suddenly understands, to be what is meant.”

— from Sleight by Kirsten Kaschock.


Integration and distinction.
Focus — of sound, of tone, of intention.

A kind of absolution? –> Someone else picks up our songs, our stories, our fears, and draws beauty from them, lives inside them for a time so they might be shared.

The singer, the song, is a vessel.


What have shepherds sung?
Chris Beckett

… the Emporer communicated with his regional viceroys:
“How has the country passed the night? What are people saying?
What have shepherds sung?”
— Aberra Jembere, 
Agony in the Grand Palace

They are the gentlest boys on earth
working rough hillsides
above the thorn-fenced farms and villages
already high enough to be forgotten

only a crook or bony shoulder breaks
the skyline
but each sheep bleats differently for them
they love the hundred tricky ways to sift and count

and when a shepherd starts to sing
he fills the valley
with three notes of longing
for the unseen life which he already leads.


Good morning,


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